What To Expect Visiting Georgetown KY?

Georgetown, Kentucky is a city of medieval beauty and European charm. Named after George Washington’s family plantation in Virginia, Georgetown was established as an outpost for travelers going to the Cumberland Gap and the western parts of Virginia. Here you will find old buildings such as the 1820 brick home of Levi Todd (he helped negotiate with Tecumseh ), the Todd house, and Antrim castle (the first brick home in Kentucky) as well as new businesses such as Starbucks.

Georgetown, Kentucky is located at the intersection of U.S. 68 and Interstate 75. It is about 50 miles southwest of Lexington on I-75 or 25 miles northwest of Cincinnati on U.S. 68.

Georgetown is located on the highest point on the Ohio River, which was not flooded by the river in 1937 or during recent years of high water. It was once called “Saline”, an Indian word meaning “high bank”.

The city of Georgetown has many historical sites to visit including Antrim Castle (the first brick house in the State of Kentucky), the old Scott County Jail (which was featured as East St. Louis Joint Prison on NBC’s “Supernatural”), and several homes. Georgetown is also home to many bed and breakfasts including the historic Alvey House, built-in 1825 and named after its first owner William H. Alvey, and the nearby Laura Belle’s on 4th street.

Georgetown is home to many old buildings, such as the 1820 brick home of Levi Todd (one of the founders and negotiators of Kentucky). The city has a charming historical appeal and is known for its downtown square, which contains some wonderful architecture and even an antique auction held monthly.