Georgetown KY Yuko-En on the Elkhorn

It was a beautiful day for this adventure. I love the fall in southern Kentucky, and this would be no exception. The leaves are turning colors, it’s not too humid outside, and the temperature is perfect!  I’m excited to go see my friend who runs Yuko-En on Georgetown Lake.  Yuko-En is a tea house that also has rooms for the night and it’s located on an organic farm right on Georgetown Lake.  My friend used to live in Japan and she started this little business with her husband and mother back in 1994.

The drive from my house over to the tea room was very pleasant, the road winding through hills and trees as it wove back and forth across the ridge.  As you rounded a corner, you will saw a little house that looked like something out of a storybook.

The parking area was pretty full, but you can manage to find a space right up by the front door. The building itself is not very big. You walk up a few steps and enter the tea room area.  To the left is a desk where you pay for your tea and other items if you’re doing take-out or have a room reservation.  Straight ahead is the main room where you pay for your tea and sit down to enjoy it in a quiet, meditative atmosphere.

There were several other people in the shop that day enjoying their beverages and taking in the calming atmosphere. It’s a very small space, but there are several little nooks and crannies to sit in.  There is also a lovely screened porch with several tables where guests can enjoy their tea on nice days.

The teas were already brewing when I arrived, water bubbling merrily away in the first teapot.  My friend brewed me an oolong tea first, which had a lovely flavor and aroma to it.  The second pot had a nice, rich flavor to it and the third pot was an earl grey which was very fragrant.