Train & Sustain

Enterprise Music Scotland is committed to providing opportunities for continued professional development for ensemble based music workshop practitioners. Train and Sustain provides professional training in delivering music workshops followed by placements allowing participants to put their new skills into practice. Since beginning in 2012, Train and Sustain has provided training for workshops in a range of settings including primary schools, ASN schools, for those living with dementia and most recently, improvisation workshops for early years.

“I really enjoyed the training. I feel that I’ve expanded my knowledge, awareness and experience in an area that I wanted to be involved in but didn’t know where to start with.”

“A thoroughly enriching and mind expanding course. Hopefully the beginning of a new direction in my life. Having the opportunity to use the skills in a practical setting was a great springboard to having confidence to do more of the same.”

Train and Sustainability 2017

This year, musicians participated in the latest version of the Train and Sustain programme, Train and Sustainability.

Train and Sustainability provided training in leading music based outdoor learning projects. Participants worked with Ben Twist (Creative Carbon Scotland) Alec Thompson-Miller (ACE Voices Aberdeen) and Sonia Cromarty (High Heels and Horse Hair/Transplanted) to explore outdoor learning and look at ways in which music can help children connect with nature and the environment.

This was not just a one-day training event, Train & Sustainability consisted of:

Training Day –A day of facilitated presentations, discussion and practical ‘hands-on’ workshops from course trainers helping particpants to develop and design thier own learning experiences to deliver on placements.

Placement – This is where our musicians put thier new skills into practice in a supported environment. Participating musicians worked with the same group once a week to deliver a 4 week long outdoor learning project. These paid placements took place at primary schools in East Dunbartonshire.

Plenary – A half-day of facilitated discussion, further training and peer to peer sharing reflecting on each ensemble’s experiences and learning on their placements.

Train and Sustainability has been made possible thanks the Scottish Music Centre YMI Training and Continuing Professional Development Fund supported by Creative Scotland.