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Coorie Doon - Rachel House

Our latest Coorie Doon project took place in March and April 2017 at Rachel House Children's Hospice in Kinross. Composer and early years specialist Dr Rachel Drury lead a creative team including musicians and writer who worked with families at the hospice to create a song for their child.

You can watch a video about the project

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Listen to the songs Coorie Doon songs

Thanks to the Jimmie Cairncross Charitable Trust.

Coorie Doon (2015)

Coorie Doon was an inspirational project delivered this summer in partnership with Circle Scotland's Haven Project , Bumpstart Pregnancy Support and North Edinburgh Arts Centre involving families from Muirhouse, Edinburgh. North Edinburgh Arts provides opportunities for individual and community development through contact with the arts and The Haven Project provides support to children and families living in North Edinburgh to improve the general well-being of the whole family.

The Coorie Doon team comprised of composer, musician and music educator Rachel Drury, poet and lyricist Ciara MacLaverty, health & literacy specialist Jo Aitkenhead, violinist Ysla Robertson and cellist Helen McVey .

The Coorie Doon team worked with participants to compose a song for their child. A grand total of 10 songs were crafted and recorded in North Edinburgh Arts recording studio. All of the participants sang their songs in this recording session and some even performed their songs in front of an invited audience, accompanied by the Coorie Doon musicians . Listen to the very special Coorie Doon songs on Soundcloud and watch the brilliant video of the Coorie Doon Celebration made by No Middle Name

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Participants reported many benefits as a result of being involved in this project including learning new skills, increased self-confidence and working together as a team;

I didn’t think I could do anything like this but I know I can now and I’m proud of the song I’ve written…It’s given me confidence

When I started I didn’t know what to expect , but I heard my song for the first time… I was very emotional. Then I did my own performance and I’m glad about it!

My song to my baby makes me cry with pride

Coorie Doon 2015 participants

These performances took place at an uplifting Celebratory event at North Edinburgh Arts on 4th August which received a 4-star review in the Glasgow Herald. EMS have commissioned music education specialist Angela Jaap to carry out research into this special project and these findings will be shared soon. 

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