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Enterprise Music Scotland is committed to making quality New Music accessible throughout Scotland. EMS centrally commissions a new work annually in collaboration with the Residency Project and also works closely with member promoters to assist with commissioning, touring of new works and promotional activity.

New Commission!

We are delighted to announce that Enterprise Music Scotland have commissioned composer Stuart MacRae to create new chamber music for our current residency ensemble, Alison McNeill & Sasha Savaloni

The work will take influence from Persian Poetry and we will be updating you with further info soon, as well as anther new commission for 2017 as part of our celebration of the 10 year anniversary of commissioning new music through our Residency Project!

"Many of my previous instrumental works have been concerned with types of journeys; from actual physical journeys and locations to a sense of motion in the music and, on a more metaphorical level, the emotional journey the listener is taken on in the course of a piece. I have become increasingly involved in writing music for voice in recent years, and this project for Alison McNeill and Sasha Savaloni on the subject of pilgrimage will allow me to bring these two strands of my work together. The EMS Residency Project will give me the valuable opportunity to collaborate with the musicians and to tailor the work to their own particular qualities and interests." Stuart MacRae

These commissions have been kindly supported by the PRS for Music Foundation.

PRS for Music FoundationPRS for Music Foundation


‘Nocturnal’ is a new collaborative work commissioned by Enterprise Music Scotland and created and performed by High Heels and Horse Hair and lighting designer Kai Fischer, as part of our Residency Project. The centre-piece of the performance is a new work by Judith Weir - 'Night' - written especially for the project.

 “My violin-cello duo Night (originally developed in workshops with Alice Rickards and Sonia Cromarty) was written for a late evening concert using lighting design to explore aspects of life in the dark. The project allowed me to work in a very different way from my usual practice, building up sketch material then workshopping this with the performers during an intensive 4-day residency, before compiling a final version of the new work. We investigated new techniques and discussed the notation of these at some length” – Judith Weir 

The work was premiered at Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow on 3rd November, before going to Westbourne Music, Sound Festival, Dollar Music Society and Isle of Arran Music Society. 

“Thanks to EMS for all your work making it possible and for the commission, it really has been a wonderful experience for us” – High Heels & Horse Hair

PRS for Music FoundationPRS for Music Foundation

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List of works commissioned by Enterprise Music Scotland through the Residency Project:

David Fennessy - 'Bow Your Head' (Alba Quartet)

Eddie McGuire - 'Hidden Dialects' (Sax Ecosse)

Helen Grime- 'Fantasie, Danse, Ceremonie' (Hoot)

Alasdair Nicolson - 'The Vanishing' (Pure Brass)

Gareth Williams - 'Worry Doll' (Sutherland Duo)

Anna Meredith - 'A Short Tribute to Teenage Fanclub' (Maxwell Quartet)

Oliver Searle - 'Pilgrim of Curiosity' (Athenaeum Winds)

Judith Weir- 'Night' (High Heels and Horse Hair)